Bright Release T-Shirt

Bright Release T-Shirt

This pre-shrunk cotton tee is made with handwritten lettering on the front with a unique floral tag on the inside collar. Each shirt is made to order based on your specifications! Come release the stigma of diet culture and grow into the unique person you were meant to.

choose your own combination of shirt and letter colors! 
Pictured: mint green tee with black matte lettering



    Sizing can be triggering to many people, which is why traditional sizing is not printed on shirts. Recovery is about growing into a person with the freedom to live unapologetically, so sizes are represented with pictures and names of flowers. 


    Sizes (If you normally wear)

    Small- choose Orchid

    Medium- choose Sunflower

    Large- choose Rose

    Extra Large- choose Petunia

    2XL- choose Lily

    3XL- choose Tulip

    4XL- choose Lotus

    5XL- choose Daffodil


    Machine wash on cold and hang to dry or dry on lowest heat setting! 

Letter Color